Olivia is pleased to offer Skype-based psychological services in order to stay current with today's technological advancement and increased demands for easy accessible counselling services.

Clients can claim the cost of the service to their insurance as long as they are covered for psychological services.

Remote counselling via Skype is an ideal option for clients:

  • who want to benefit from therapy from the comfort of their home
  • who live in remote areas
  • who are socially anxious
  • who want to save travel time
  • who have mobility issues
  • who are having trouble finding a French-speaking psychologist in their region

Skype-based services are not suitable for everyone. Clients who are suicidal, who suffer from severe psychiatric symptoms or complex trauma may not be the best fit for this modality. Olivia will assess your needs and provide advice on the best course of treatment.

Skype is a free service and available for those who have a computer, tablet, Android or Smartphone.