Olivia Marcoux is a registered psychologist with a decade of experience.

Olivia graduated with honors to her undergraduate and graduate studies. She loves psychology. She has a true passion for this discipline.

Her therapeutic focus is on helping women, men, and children better cope and heal from depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult life transitions, painful events, grief as well as issues of sexual orientation and body image.

Olivia incorporates different modalities in her work such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), client-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness-based techniques and humanistic therapy.

She has a specialization in the treatment of trauma. She is a trained EMDR therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is used for clients who have experienced mild to severe trauma, adverse life experiences, or psychological stressors. She holds a certificate in play-based treatment of trauma to assist children in coming to terms with difficult events. She also works in the area of school psychology. 

Olivia will be focusing on bringing unconscious patterns to light, reprocessing past experiences and establishing attainable goals for the weeks ahead which often give clients the momentum to move forward while freeing them from old ways of thinking and behaving. These approaches enable clients to use new neural pathways or modify established ones which create long-lasting changes.

Olivia Marcoux, MA Couns. Psych. (Hon)  Registered Psychologist

Olivia Marcoux, MA Couns. Psych. (Hon)
Registered Psychologist


Doris Fillion is a Registered Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field of psychology.

In 1995, following her specialization in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Montreal, she trained for 6 years in child psychology research at the Anna Freud Centre in London (UK). Doris further fostered her passion for the development of human potential by teaching psychology at the University of Alberta and by working as a behavioral consultant in elementary and high schools. Throughout her career, she expanded her clinical expertise by certifying in complementary therapeutic approaches.

In her clinical work, Doris combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Attachment-Based Theory and Play Therapy. Her strength is to create strong therapeutic relationships with her clients to optimally assist them in making healthy changes so that, ultimately, they feel happier with themselves. Doris is constantly expanding her therapeutic tools to better accompany her clients on their path to recovery. 

Doris' therapeutic focus is to help children, youth, and adults to better appreciate themselves and to teach them new skills so that they can cope and heal from depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult life transitions, grief as well as issues of self-esteem.

Doris Fillion, M. Psy.  Registered Psychologist

Doris Fillion, M. Psy.
Registered Psychologist


Lenka Matuska is a Registered Psychologist.

Lenka has over 10 years of experience in psychology and counselling. She gained her interdisciplinary work experience and knowledge from different institutions. She has two Masters Degrees: Master’s in Psychology from J. W. von Goethe University in Germany and Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. 

Lenka has an interest in treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, and anger. She will help you to develop greater self-awareness and insight that can result in an improved ability to live a balanced life. 

Lenka emphasizes mind-body connection as a way of addressing mental health issues. 

She has specialized training in Somatic Experiencing Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Gottman’s Couple’s counselling. 

She offers therapy for adults, couples, and groups in a safe and supportive atmosphere. 

Compassion, awareness, and integration are the cornerstone of her practice. She approaches each person with curiosity and openness and a desire to understand their unique experiences.

Lenka Matuska  Registered Psychologist

Lenka Matuska
Registered Psychologist


Carmen Victoor has a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology and over 25 years experience as a Counsellor.  

Carmen has a passionate interest in palliative and bereavement counselling, although that was not always the case.  Her path changed drastically, both personally and professionally, when her daughter Hailey was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 1997.  Hailey passed away at the age of five after two and a half years of living with cancer.  

Following the death of Hailey, Carmen strongly felt the need to utilize both her work and life experience to provide grief support to families. In 2008, she began working with families through the Kids with Cancer Society providing palliative and bereavement counselling. This led to working with the Pediatric Palliative Care team for the Stollery Children’s Hospital as the Grief Counsellor in 2010. Through these two organizations, she had an opportunity to work with dedicated professionals, wonderful families and witness the resilience of amazing children.  

Carmen recently has moved on from the Stollery to start her own private practice: From Here to There– Grief Counselling Services.  She works with individuals who are grieving; whether it be the grief of a life altering medical diagnosis, caring for a terminally ill or medically fragile loved one, the heaviness of anticipatory grief, or the gut-wrenching loneliness after the death of a loved one.  Her hope for each grieving and bereaved individual is to help them find their voice again, to build upon their own resiliency and in time, find hope.

To find out more about Carmen and her practice please visit her website at www.fromheretothereyeg.com.

Carmen Victoor  Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology

Carmen Victoor
Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology


Michael Sommerfeld is a registered social worker, and has been working as a therapist since graduating from the Master of Social Work program at the University of Toronto in 2013.

Michael has a passion and dedication to this work and he considers it a privilege to help clients work towards health, happiness, connection, and, wholeness. He is experienced and skilled in working with various mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder. 

Michael brings a unique approach to the therapy session, and works primarily from an Attachment Theory and Emotion Focused framework, while incorporating elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practice, and Narrative therapy. Michael believes that the client is at the center of any therapeutic relationship, and seeks to provide a warm, welcoming, client centered environment, where clients feels they can discuss difficult and intimate topics.  

Couples and Sex Therapy

Michael’s professional interests are directed towards couple’s therapy and sex therapy. This interest is driven by the belief that relationships, and interpersonal connections are fundamental to human life, and healthy relationships add to our individual health. Michael is well experienced in providing couples therapy, and continues to increase his expertise through education and training. Michael incorporates an Emotion-Focused Couple’s Therapy approach to help clients identify unhealthy interaction patterns and learn to develop patterns that allow them to bring out the best in themselves, and in their partners. 

Michael believes that sexuality and sexual expression is an integral part of the human experience, and that a healthy sex life is directly connected to emotional health. He is passionate about sex therapy and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists. Sex therapy is a growing expertise in Michael’s practice and he is dedicated to helping individuals and couples work through a variety of sexual health concerns, such as low desire, desire discrepancies, arousal difficulties, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties with orgasm. 

Michael is an ally and advocate for sexual diversity, and welcomes clients who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTTQ+). Michael is also comfortable and welcoming to client’s who want to discuss BDSM, and kink sexual practices. It is Michael’s core belief that diversity in sexuality, sexual expression, and gender, is a normal and beautiful part of the human experience, and that clients can bring emotional wholeness into their lives as they learn to embrace who they are.  

Michael Sommerfeld  Registered social worker

Michael Sommerfeld
Registered social worker